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redefining motherhood. 


A Good Mom's Guide to Bad Choices reminds every woman that you can be a good mom despite not fitting the “perfect mom” standard. Out with the boring and in with the real, served up by none other than Jamilah and Erica.

A Good Mom's Guide to Making Bad Choices

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An audio diary for all women who love their good *and* bad side.

Basically if Oprah and Howard Stern had a baby.

We're best friends Erica + Milah and we don't do things the conventional way. In fact, leaning into the unknown and life’s taboos is our superpower. We love to explore and question the status quo and in doing so we have learned and candidly shared the highs, lows, and journey to stepping into the most real AF version of ourselves. Women are sexy, powerful, and multifaceted. We are here to remind you of that! Our mission is to show women everywhere that being a mom (or not) should never mean losing yourself. We hope that through our podcast, our book, our tribe, and our retreats, you feel more connected to your authentic self. and to the women around you. You're in the right place, boo.

here, we don't do THAT FAKE SH*T.

we do real + honest.

the good vibe

Get the raw unedited  version and join the Tribe for real where you can connect with others.

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